Tech Review: HTC One X

AT&T and HTC launched their latest smartphone, the HTC One X, last weekend to eager customers who wanted to see if it would live up to its buzz as the newest Android device and a real competitor against the iPhone. After spending some time with the HTC One X, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up this device if you’re an Android enthusiast.

While its large 4.7-inch screen initially made me question my feelings for the smartphone, I found its unibody polycarbonate design, similar to that of the Nokia Lumia 900, made it sleek and quite easy to handle without it feeling like a drag to carry around. If you’re concerned with bulkiness as I found with the One X’s cousins, the Titan and Titan II, don’t worry. The One X weighs in at just 4.6 ounces and is easy to carry around. However, because of the unibody design, there is no way to change the battery. If there are battery or battery charge issues down the road, there’s little the user can do.

The large LED screen of the One X makes it easy to read messages, browse the web and watch videos. If screen quality is important to you, the One X may be for you. As someone who encounters many smartphones, it had been awhile since a device’s screen really caught my attention. The resolution and sharpness of the One X is worth checking out.

The HTC One X runs the latest Android software, Ice Cream Sandwich. With some devices still coming out with the old Android Software, it’s good to see HTC avoid the hassle of developing an update and releasing the phone with newest software from the get-go. I found it easy to run multiple applications, stream video and browse the web with the combination of Ice Cream Sandwich and the dual core processor.

Photo enthusiasts should seriously consider the One X. While the 8-megapixel camera is common in the smartphone market, the application allows users to shutter photos, which helps users find the best photo in a series. Mobile users partial to the trendy nostalgia look – thanks Instagram – will be happy to know the One X comes with a slew of similar features.

The HTC One X has been available for pre-order through AT&T the past few weeks and is expected in retail outlets in the next few weeks for $200 with a two-year contract. With a bunch of smartphones and other Android devices available for less, there’s a question whether or not this device is worth it. If you’re looking for the probably the best all-around Android device, I’d say $200 is worth it.

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