Apple may release $799 MacBook Air later this year

While I’m a fan of most Apple products including the iPod, the iPad and MacBook line, it’s no secret these products tend to be more expensive than similar products available. That trend may begin to change if the rumors of a $799 MacBook Air later this year is true.

A $799 MacBook Air might be coming your way

With a slew of ‘ultra-books’, or super slim laptops, expected to be the next ‘it’ gadget, the price cut could be another way of luring consumers to the Apple Brand. If the rumors are true, the more affordable MacBook Air could be on the shelves in time for back-to-school shopping. Coincidence? Hardly.

Tablet enthusiasts may remember several months ago Apple rolled back prices on its older iPad models with the release of the new iPad and the success of competing tablets. Therefore, part of Apple’s price cut motivation could be to get ahead of ultra-book and Windows 8 competition this fall.

If the $799 MacBook Air rumor comes true, you might find me ditching my PC laptop and heading to the closest Apple store. What about you?

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