Brewers host “Social Media Night” at Miller Park

I had the opportunity to attend last night’s Brewers game, dubbed as “Social Media Night,” at Miller Park to learn how social media and technology has changed the sports landscape in Wisconsin.

Chris Narveson spoke to fans at “Social Media Night” at Miller Park last night

Before the game, participants in “Social Media Night” were invited to a panel discussion with representatives from Wisconsin’s major sports teams including: the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Admirals. Right off the bat (get it?), I was impressed that the event was able to draw in public relations people from different sports and teams even though it was hosted by the Brewers.

During the 45-minute program, panelists covered topics ranging from fan engagement through social media tools to promotions and how the teams handle the social media use of their players. We even got a surprise from Brewers pitcher Chris Narveson who spoke about how Twitter has changed the way he interacts with fans and receives baseball updates. 

After the program, participants were invited to head over to the ATI Club at the ground level of the stadium to watch the game with the panelists and continue our discussion on social media in sports.

 I’d say the event was a big hit for participants who attended. It gave sports and tech fans a real opportunity to interact with Wisconsin sports insiders. I hope to see the Brewers and other sports teams within the state continue these events as social media becomes more ingrained in how we watch sports.

Below are the Twitter handles of last night’s panelists if you want to learn more about they use social media in Wisconsin sports:

  • @joe_block: Joe Block handles the play-by-play updates for the Brewers Radio Network
  • @gwcummings: Garrison Cummings is head of social media strategy for the Green Bay Packers
  • @JonAdmirials: Jon Greenberg is the president of the Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Club
  • @nmonre: Nick Monroe is a senior sales representative with the Milwaukee Bucks.
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