In case we need more validation on the increasing use of social networking  on mobile devices, a new report from Mobile Metrix 2.0 reveals that Facebook users spend more time on their accounts via mobile devices than on their computers.


Reflecting about my own Facebook use, there’s no doubt that I spend more time accessing the site from my Blackberry than on my laptop. If I have a few minutes to kill during the day, you can usually find me on my Blackberry checking my Facebook, Twitter and email.

However, I was surprised with the amount of time the average mobile user spends on Facebook. According to the report, Facebook mobile users spend about seven hours a month accessing the site from their phone or tablet. After an initial panic set in wondering what productive things I could have been doing during those seven hours instead of looking at vacation pictures from a friend- of- a-friend from college, I realized those seven hours a month break down to about 14 minutes of mobile Facebook use a day (which made me feel much better).

Aside from showing how much time users are spending on Facebook from their mobile devices, the report is telling in where social networking sites need to invest. The Facebook application for most smartphones is pretty stripped down in comparison to the website. It also brings in little revenue from its free mobile application. There are no ads and few sponsored posts, so far.

With this new report from Mobile Metrix 2.0 combined with Facebook’s IPO, Zuckerberg and Company should focus their efforts to keep Facebook’s momentum going.

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