Southwest Wisconsin promotes “unplugged” tourism

Comprised mostly of small towns on hilly terrain, southwest Wisconsin can be a tricky place to survive for gadget lovers. As summer approaches, most tourist destinations in the state will be promoting the high-speed wireless connections just as much as the beaches and lakefronts. However, as the “less connected” part of the state, southwest Wisconsin will be taking a different approach by challenging tourists to go “unplugged” during their vacations.

Southwest Wisconsin challenges vacationers to ‘unplug’

I’m up always for a challenge, and even a gadget enthusiast like myself understands the importance of turning off my gadgets once in awhile. During a time where most attractions boast their tech friendliness, I think it’s a great hook for southwest Wisconsin to draw visitors with its ‘off the grid’ challenge.

If you’re a vacationer that just can’t turn off your mobile for the weekend, there’s no need to worry as southwest Wisconsin isn’t a complete dead zone. It just might require mobile and gadget users to take a drive into the nearest town for better reception or stop at the local library.

With summer just around the corner, will your weekend getaways or vacations require you to go ‘off the grid’?

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