Next ‘do-not call’ deadline is June 1

Wisconsin residents who have previously signed up for Wisconsin’s ‘do not call’ to keep telemarketers from dialing their mobile or landline phone may need to update their information by June 1.

Wisconsin residents may have to re-register for Wisconsin’s ‘Do-Not Call’ list

Names on Wisconsin’s ‘do-not’ are safe from pesky sales calls for two years. Therefore, if two years have passed since you first signed up for the list, you may be vulnerable to unwanted sales calls.

The state legislature recently made a move to include unwanted text messages under the ‘do-not call’ provisions. So if you haven’t added your cell phone to the list yet, now is a good time to do it.

By renewing your information on the ‘do-not call’ list by June 1, you should be free of telemarketers by July 1.

Unfortunately for Wisconsin residents growing tired of political robo-calls, there’s no relief for you. Political causes, non profits and market research firms still have access to your phone number.

To add your number do the ‘do not call’ list, click here or call 1 866 9NO CALL

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