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New apps for Note users

With the Samsung Note set to launch this weekend, AT&T is giving a preview of the applications for the “phablet, ” known by its brand name of Samsung Note. The hybrid of a tablet and smartphone, the Note’s exclusive applications utilize its S-Pen, otherwise known as a stylus. Here are a few applications that will make a splash with Note users:

  • Soonr Scribble—Make edits on any PDF or WordDoc with this application. Users can scribble notes in the margins or highlight important sections the save them to a secure cloud network.
  • ZenBrush—This application will give the S-Pen the same characteristics as a brush or pen. . The Note screen is pressure sensitive and so brush strokes will change based on how hard or light you press.
  • TouchRetouch—Just like Photoshop to go. Remove unwanted content from your photos easily.  Either “lasso” the object or “color” over it and hit the “play” button and watch the object disappear. 

Screenshot of SoonrScribble for Samsung Note

These applications are just a few The Note will have. Check out our review of Samsung’s Note coming soon.

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Forgot about Valentine’s Day? Apps to save you in a pinch

Forgot about Valentine’s Day? Apps to save you in a pinch If you woke up this morning and started scrambling for dinner reservations and same-day-delivery flowers, you’re not alone. Once again, application developers have come to your rescue to ensure you don’t spend Valentine’s Day in the dog house. Here are few applications that might just save your neck:

1. Godiva Mobile. While this application can’t deliver the chocolate to you, the store locater makes your post-work trip a whole lot easier.
2. Floralapp. Forgot to order a dozen roses for your Valentine? No worries. This makes ordering flowers from your local shop easy.
3. OpenTable. If you still need a dinner reservation tonight, OpenTable is one of most popular reservation generator available. You might want to lower your expectations if try this at 6pm tonight.
4. Paperless Post. Save yourself a stamp and try an e-card this Valentine’s Day. With the option to create your own card, sending a personalized card is easy.

floralApp makes ordering flowers simple

Hopefully these apps will make your Valentine’s Day slightly less stressful, but kudos to those who planned ahead and won’t need these apps this year!

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Tech Review: ZAGG Sparq 2.0 portable charger

With a slew of portable chargers available, we were eager to get our hands on ZAGG’s Sparq 2.0 from AT&T, otherwise known as the self-proclaimed “world’s most powerful portable charger.” For frequent travelers that need their gadgets ready to go at all times, this charger may be for you.

ZAGG Sparq 2.0

In comparison to other portable chargers available, the ZAGG Sparq isn’t the sleekest. It’s a good size to store in a glove box or slip into a carry-on, but probably too big for a pocket. However, travelers who spend a significant amount of time in airports or hotels will probably find the Sparq to still be portable enough to bring along.

Another great feature of the ZAGG Sparq is its ability to charge two devices simultaneously. Having two devices connected at the same time will slow down the Sparq’s charge speed, but may be worth it if you need your cell phone and camera ready to go at the same time.

As far as keeping your devices charged, there’s no denying the Sparq’s capabilities. The Sparq charged my smartphone in quickly with very little set up time. If you’re looking for a no fuss charger, ZAGG’s Sparq could be for you.

The downside to this portable charger is its recharging time. After draining the battery, the ZAGG Sparq needs about 9 hours to fully charge again. Obviously this isn’t ideal for people on go, especially for those who are not near an outlet for that long. I’ve also read other reports of users receiving “dud” Sparq batteries, or batteries that simply never turn on out of the box.

Overall, I think the ZAGG Sparq could be a good choice for mobile users on the go who rely on multiple devices. I would just be cautious you don’t end up with a dud before investing $99 for the ZAGG Sparq.

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Tech Review: Moshi Vortex Earbuds

As we continue our search for the best pair of headphones on the market, we thought we’d try out Moshi’s Vortex Earbuds from AT&T. Made of steel alloy, these ear buds are not your run-of-the-mill headphones. The nylon cover cord, instead of the traditional plastic, also makes Moshi’s head phones stand out.

Moshi Vortex Earbuds

I was initially turned off by how heavy the steel alloy ear buds felt, and I wasn’t sold on the idea of putting tiny pieces of metal in my ears. After putting them in though, I was surprised how well they fit. However, several other people who tested them out didn’t have the same experience. Again, it just goes to show that not all ear buds are made to fit equally.

I found the nylon cord to be a welcomed feature as well. The earbuds weren’t nearly as tangled when I dug them out from the bottom of my gym bag as with other pairs I’ve tried out. The nylon cord was also lighter than the standard plastic, which helped prevent the cord pulling out the ear buds. Moshi’s ear buds are still not ideal for running though, as one ear bud popped out from time to time.

The ear buds deliver pretty impressive sound quality that picks up great bass. If you’re looking for a pair of noise-canceling headphones, these might be for you. Just having the ear buds in without any audio playing was enough to block out most outside noise.

Overall, I liked Moshi’s Vortex Earbuds a lot. If you find them to be a good fit, you can pick up a pair for $80 according to

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Tech Review: EarPollution Luxe Micro Earbuds from iFrogz

EarPollution Luxe Micro Earbuds from iFrogz

Last month we tried out a pair of ear buds from iFrogz that had great sound but an awkward ear fit. We got our hands on different pair of iFrogz from AT&T and we thought we would give them another shot. As with any pair of ear buds, the real test to see if they’re a keeper boils down to whether they actually fit and stay in your ear. Unfortunately, this pair and I weren’t meant for each other.


Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality was pretty impressive for these tiny head phones. It’s just that I could even sit at my desk without the right one popping out of my ear every few minutes. Taking these to gym was just short of disaster, and I just ended up taking them out altogether. But as I said before, just because these ear buds didn’t work out for me doesn’t mean you should write them off. For someone with a different sized ear canal, these could be a great fit.

Overall, the ear buds are a great choice for someone not looking to spend a whole lot, but values good sound quality. According to, prices will remain steady around $20. Just first make sure they fit in your ear.

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Tech Review: AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G

Mobile users on the go frustrated by finding themselves sucked into data black holes may have just found a lifeline. The Elevate 4G from AT&T creates a personal wi-fi “hotspot” for up to five devices. Files can even be shared between connected devices by using the microSD card slot. Pretty cool considering the device is about the size of stack of credit cards.

Set-up is a breeze with its handy. It includes a data gauge and also gives you login to get on the wireless network it creates clearing up any “is this thing even on?” confusion.

Elevate 4G from AT&T

Elevate 4G from AT&T

Another great feature of the Elevate is that you can access AT&T’s LTE networks. The downside is Wisconsin folks will have to travel to Chicago to find the closest LTE network for the time being.  Even though you may not be able to connect to an LTE network, this seems to be a pretty wise investment for someone who spends a lot of time in the airport or on the road where internet access is spotty.

Elevate 4G is $70 with a two-year contract. On top on the initial $70 customers must pay for a minimum $50 for 5GB of use with an extra charge for more data use.

The Elevate 4G is a handy device for a frequent traveler or a rural dweller. If you think you’ll get enough use out of the device to make it worth the investment, stop by an AT&T store and check it out.

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Apps to get you ready for the big game

The Packers are kicking of their playoff post-season Sunday against the New York Giants at Lambeau Field. Whether you’ll be cheering for the Pack in the stands or in your living room with friends, here are several applications to try out for the big game:

  1. In the Kitchen: Food Network Recipes. Need a dish to pass for that the potluck you’re going to? This application from the Food Network as some great game-day food recipes including Slow- Cooker Texas Chili and S’more brownies.
  2. Football Stats & Winners. If your football trivia is lacking like mine is, this application will help you impress your family and friends with your extensive knowledge on Super Bowl winners and fun facts.
  3. A+ Super Bowl Commericals. Need to keep yourself busy during commercial breaks? Re-watch some of the Super Bowl’s best commercials with this app.

A+ Superbowl Commercials

All the applications are available on iTunes and are ready to download while cheering for the Green and Gold this weekend. Go Pack Go!

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