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The Next Generation of NOOK

Today, Barnes & Noble unveiled the next-generation of NOOK products. With a live blog throughout the press conference, Barnes & Noble now offers a number of options for fans of their tablets:

NOOK Tablet – Weighing in at less than a pound, this tablet has 1GB memory and a low-glare, low-reflective screen. The NOOK Tablet comes pre-loaded with Pandora, NetFlix and Hulu Plus. Barnes & Noble reports that this particular tablet offers 11.5 of reading time and nine hours of video, though we have not yet had the opportunity to validate this. The NOOK tablet will be in stores next week and is $249.

NOOK Color – With the new price of $199, the NOOK color has added new social reading features, along with faster web and email access. NOOK color now has 8GB of memory along with an SD slot for expansion.

NOOK Simple Touch – This option offers a new e-ink display that now turns pages in 450 milliseconds. This economical Nook does have its advantages: A battery life touted as two times longer than a Kindle, which can be as long as two months for some readers on a single charge. Starting at only $99, it will be available starting this week.

The NOOK Cloud –NOOK Tablet users will now be able to digitally store and share data at no cost. The NOOK Cloud can hold up to 16GB of internal memory, with expansion slots that can hold up to 32GB more.

Review the live blog:

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