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A good day to change your Facebook password

While it’s always prudent periodically to change your online account passwords, today might be an even better day to do so.

A Nepalese-based hacking group called Team Swastika, announced earlier today that they’ve acquired login details for more than 10,000 Facebook users around the world.

The group, which has a meager following on Twitter, hasn’t released details on how exactly they obtained this information, but various international sources are reporting that this is a legitimate compromise. The account holders appear to be scattered throughout the world and relied on fairly simple – and thus, fairly easy to hack – passwords to access the site.

Security experts recommend creating a unique password for every online account to ensure that further damage is not done. If that’s too much to remember, at the bare minimum, passwords for financial institutions or other sensitive personal sites should never be the same as recreational sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

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