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Brewing your java just became easier

If there wasn’t already an application for nearly every use you could imagine, now you can brew your morning cup of coffee right from your iPhone or iPad. Topbrewer from Scanomat is a state-of-the-art coffee machine installed right into your countertop. Users can then “order” their coffee, espresso or Americano right from the iPhone or iPad. Although the application isn’t required to brew your coffee, it’s the feature that appeals to me the most. It’s a whole new level of laziness that allows me to brew my coffee while still in bed, and I love it.

Aside from its accommodating features, its sleek design allows coffee drinkers to clear some valuable counter space and ditch the traditional bulky coffee makers. While the application is available for download, the actual coffee maker is not quite on the market and the price has yet to be revealed. My guess is, like the finer things in life, the Topbrewer will have a pretty steep price tag. A girl can dream, right?

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Gadget gifts to add to your holiday shopping list

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone but I still haven’t started my holiday shopping. Sure I hit the stores last weekend, except my purchases were for myself. If you’re weekend was devoted to spending on yourself (guilty), here are several gadget gift ideas for this holiday season:

  1. Jambox from Jawbone. This small wireless speaker packs some big sound. From pumping up the jams to conference calls, its small size is perfect for someone on the go.
  2. Digits. The cold weather won’t stop you from updating your Twitter status from your phone any longer. The small electronic pads attach to your gloves to keep you texting on the go.
  3. OnStar rearview mirror. A great gift for someone who spends a lot of time on the road, the OnStar mirror has a slew of features including emergency roadside assistance, GPS navigation and hands-free calling.

    Up by Jawbone

  4. Up by Jawbone. This bracelet monitors your activity, meals and sleep patterns to give your reports right on your iPhone. Up can be a great gift for someone looking to enter 2012 on a healthier foot.
  5. myGrid charging pad from Duracell. Forget the cords and the hassle of your charger. Just drop your phone on the pad and it’ll be ready to go.
  6. E-reader. Digital readers will be popular again this year.  The original Amazon Kindle and the Nook from Barnes and Noble are both good choices for the bookworm on your shopping list.
  7. Earbud headphones from American Eagle. No longer will you have to sacrifice your ears to listen to music on your way to work or class. This headphone set from American Eagle is practical, fashionable and an easy gift idea. 
  8. Motorola H17txt earpiece with Motospeak. If someone on     your shopping list is guilty of texting and driving, this earpiece from Motorola reads text messages. The headset is also great for hands-free calling.
  9.  Beats headphones from Dr. Dre. These high definition headphones from rapper Dr.Dre  are a great gift for music lovers.  They’re definitely expensive, but could make for a great surprise Christmas morning.
  10. Tablets. One of the most popular gifts this season is a tablet The Samsung Galaxy from Verizon and the iPad 2 from AT&T are two of our favorites.

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